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A Very CyberMDX New Year's Resolution

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The new year is a time take stock and be grateful for what we have. At CyberMDX, we're grateful for our amazing team, the best-in-class solution we've developed and continually improve, and of course for our customers. We're also grateful that the healthcare market today is much more educated and cyber-aware than it was one year ago.

Looking Back to See Forward

Equally though, the new year is a time to reflect on what's happened in the last 365 days and on what we want to happen over the next 365 days. To those points, we've already devoted some space on this blog to our key lessons and takeaways from 2019 as well as our predictions for 2020. It would seem that all we're missing now is some sort of local commitment in furtherance of our global wants for 2020. We need a new year's resolution. So here goes:

Heading into 2020, CyberMDX resolves to remove FUD from our demand generation tactics.

If you're not familiar with the term, FUD is an acronym for "fear, uncertainty, and doubt" and unfortunately, it's become a hallmark of modern cybersecurity product/service marketing.

The Problem with FUD

It's not that FUD is inherently bad either; fear is a useful evolutionary device that helps us anticipate and avoid activities or behaviors that are highly likely to result in negative outcomes. It's easy to see how smartly applying this instinct to business decisions can benefit an organization. Similarly, uncertainty and doubt can also serve a constructive purpose. If you're beset by uncertainty and doubt, you likely haven't collected enough good data or put it together convincingly enough to support the course of action you are set upon or considering. Again, there's a role for that type of intuitive faculty to play in business.


The problem is that a person's natural FUD instincts are not very well moderated. A lack of exposure and mindshare given to a truly dangerous scenario can result in a person having no sense of FUD associated with it; and conversely, excessive exposure to and consideration of possible risks stemming from a generally benign scenario can result in a profound sense of FUD.

Because of that, many in our industry have abused FUD to distort market perceptions and generate demand for their products and services. And while that's obviously not a particularly kind or honest thing to do, it's also not a very sustainable business practice. Even if you manage to scare a good number of people into signing on the dotted line, if you can't consistently add value for your customers and clients, you're not going to withstand the test of time.

2020 Vision for the New Year and Decade

At CyberMDX, we believe in empowering and protecting people; not scaring them and shaking them down. Which is why we take this new year's resolution very seriously. Companies that try to use FUD to sell are in essence issuing a threat not dissimilar to a mob "protection" racket: pay us or else. For a company devoted to the systematic search and destruction of threats, FUD marketing is simply antithetical to what we're about. 

But how can you sell security without addressing the consequences of insecurity? Glad you asked!

This resolution is not intended to suggest that we will no longer speak about or write about the potential costs of inadequate security, but that we will not do so in a sensationalist, exaggerated, absolutist, or fear-mongering manner. We will be measured, we will be mature, we will be responsible, and we will be honest in our commentary and analyses. Just like one needn't have poor self-esteem to be modest, we believe one needn't sew fear to sell security.


Beyond that, we prefer to focus on value added rather than loss averted.

We like to focus on improved operational visibility enabling greater professional accountability.

We like to focus on improved inventory management leading to more efficient utilization and enabling a smaller maintained asset inventory surplus.

We like to focus on how longitudinal usage insights can enable procurement savings.

We like to focus on how operational analytics can enable more predictive and less disruptive maintenance.

We like to focus on the synergistic opportunities afforded by a shared operational frame of reference around which multiple departments and disparate stakeholders can gather and collaborate.

We like to focus on how medical-protocol-fluent and clinical-context-aware network intelligence tools can help administrators get more functionality out of the network access control and firewall systems they're already using.

We like to focus on how proper cyber tooling can save you money on your insurance premiums.

It's not that we don't also deliver to our customers continuous protection from a million unseen threats, but that when there are so many positively appreciable and measurable benefits, there's less reason to try and prove the negative.

With that in mind, we want to wish you a very happy and very FUD-free 2020!