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You cannot secure what you do not see. How do you know that there is not a malicious file embedded within this text if you don't even know that the text is here? To achieve comprehensive cybersecurity, you MUST first inject 360-degree visibility into your network.

Welcome to our new Blog. These are exciting times at CyberMDX. The team is growing, product development is constantly innovating, we opened up a new office in NYC and above all, we are experiencing significant market traction for our medical cybersecurity solution.

As cyber security experts and leaders, with hundreds of years of combined experience on our team, we are passionate about sharing and helping healthcare providers cope with the enormous growing cyber threats, with an understanding of the unique challenges and characteristics healthcare providers face - in particular their workflow and level of criticality demands.

The CyberMDX Blog will be a place for us to share vital knowledge with security and compliance professionals on a wide range of topics related to healthcare and medical device cybersecurity. We will be sharing our thoughts on industry and regulatory trends, experiences from a solution point-of-view, strategies and best practices for developing a cybersecurity implementation, as well as insights on medical device vulnerabilities we may discover along the way based on findings from our inhouse research team and from our experience in the field.

From information regarding viruses and malware, to informative articles about new technologies and medical cybersecurity capabilities, we hope to share a variety of content that may be useful and insightful to you.

We will have a wide range of contributors to make sure you get the depth and breadth of topics and advice CyberMDX can offer.

We welcome your feedback and your comments regarding our blog content or general questions about our business, so feel free to reach out to us..


Amir Magner


It is important that you pay attention to the small details. This is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people. In the small details, you will find the information needed to make smart decisions. When it comes to cybersecurity, the day is won or lost on the back of the small details. When it comes to detecting cyber threats and triggering rapid response procedures, the smaller the detailed you're tuned in to, the better you will fare. If you don't pay attention to the small details, you will miss out on vital information. It will pass your eye and you will not see it — as though it were altogether invisible.


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