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Our Journey in Healthcare Security

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Today we announced a milestone in the CyberMDX journey. With the Forescout acquisition, we both completed an objective that every employee has worked toward since our 2018 inception, and we simultaneously began a new one. Our mission and mantra to protect the things that protect human lives does not change – we are just proudly more empowered to deliver on it.

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As we contemplate what it took to get here, anyone can point to the technology, the processes, the timing, or even the market hype. For us, and I believe for any successful startup, it’s all about the people. From the early “garage days” with @mottisorani and @eladluz to today, that is the one constant that makes a mission real. We never hired a single person who was not fully enrolled in what we were focused on doing. The P&L was secondary. It was always about the urgency of the threat to people and healthcare. That is what inspired and motivated us all and it is what carried us through to deliver all our achievements.

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Looking back, the early days of development were challenging but rewarding. We had a few crazy ideas inside of a clear, sensible vision. Tons of energy in a small villa combined with tremendous support and commitment from our board members and investors - @pitango, @relyens, @ourcrowd, and @qure – made the expedition a lot easier. Their support, as well as the partnership of our other CyberMDX co-founder, Moti Shniberg, helped us learn so much and avert mistakes. I want to thank them each for all that they did to make the trek lighter and to guide us through the unexpected. The pandemic, for example, was also daunting in many ways, but we used that time to reshape and refocus. We made significant improvements to our go-to-market; the results of which were amplified when our new website, tagline, and Device-Centric Risk Management (DCRM) approach all debuted one year ago.

With Azi Cohen on board to lead our business and transform our approach to sales and channels, we all felt a different level of play. It accelerated our footprint and augmented our partner relationships to a new level that delivered measurable results. We also became known as a thought leader in the market. Our message, the programs we engaged in, our presence at HIMSS, our relationship with industry leaders like the H-ISAC, Mitre, Philips and Relyens, as well as discovering our 15th major device vulnerability, all contributed to a brand recognition that we could see and feel was making real impact.

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Last summer at our QBR we made ambitious plans to answer several gaps found from our study with 130 hospital IT and Biomedical team members. The study was completed by global research leader, Ipsos. The team rallied to pull together two new offers (in record time) to answer those gaps. The offers were designed to truly help hospitals that don’t have the time or budget to protect their most precious assets. The pilot was launched early in the fall and more than 20 hospitals signed up in the first month. It was an amazing effort that literally culminated this week when on Monday January 31st we announced their general availability.

Yet here we are – just a day later with more major news.

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As we look forward, we are now a Forescout company. Instantly, the future for us greatly accelerates what we had in our plans. This journey did not stop. It did not take a turn. It’s still straight ahead. However, the road is much wider and there’s more velocity in the wind as we move forward. For us, it’s always about the journey and I’m so proud to have been on it will all the people at CyberMDX. We are very excited for the road ahead.