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The Opportunity is to Serve

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Sales is in my DNA. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always looking to create opportunities and drive results. And I’m an extrovert – which means that I get my energy from the people around me and I sincerely thrive on that.

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When I got the call about joining CyberMDX as CEO, however, the opportunity was not what you’d think. It was not the typical pitch of the market or the growth or the potential of becoming a unicorn that made me listen so intently. Instead, the gravitas for my excitement was in the mission. I simply fell in love with it.

As someone who was previously motivated to help financial services ward off attacks from stealing their money, the very idea of the attacks on our healthcare systems and the people they treat filled me completely with passion. I knew that I had to be part of this and do something. I also instantly recognized that the people who were already invested in this cause were special, and I was drawn to serve with them.

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Jumping in with both feet there were some challenges to overcome and there were some clear-cut ways to get past them and initiate fast growth. This was an organization with great people and game-changing technology. Making them successful became my morning to night focus and I became consumed with thoughts on ways to make the product more accessible, more relatable, and more centered on protection. Visibility is essential but it’s not security. Hospitals need to take action to be secure. The idea of wrapping layers of security around each device was the first step in the motions we had to take on. Out of that, this team created what we now call Device-Centric Risk Management or DCRM. It was tested with customers and industry analysts and the feedback was electric. We knew we had something.

Unfortunately for them, this incredible team showed me how well and how quickly they could deliver. I could not help but to bring them another goal post. This time it was about how we might drive growth through the product itself. We had worked on some research with our partner, Philips, that was later published by Ipsos. The study revealed some surprising statistics in the attitudes and concerns of the people who needed our solution most. Time (i.e., productivity) and budget were significant hurdles that delayed decisions to move. The more they waited, the more ransomware attacks we saw happening. It really worried me.

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What did we do? We made another ambitious plan. We thought that if we could remove those hurdles, what would that need to look like? We understood that both biomedical engineers, as well as IT security professionals, need to get help quick and also need to convince others to support such a decision. This team created offers to address those exact needs. We launched a wildly successful pilot of them three months after this idea was conceived and just this week, the formal GA of those solutions are in market. We had a dozen sign on just yesterday. Amazing.

After witnessing what this team could do, our collective aspirations started considering how we could do more with this technology. That brought us to the announcement this week. In Forescout, we initially found a strongly synergistic partner. We were excited to work with them for obvious reasons – their reach, embedded base, and commitment to the healthcare sector. But like many romances, what started as a friendship took a turn along the way and we saw far more of our futures in each other.

The new chapter ahead of us is one that is filled with opportunities. The opportunity to bring two remarkable teams together and see what is possible. The opportunity to harness the breadth of an incredible portfolio with the depth of healthcare security expertise. The opportunity to enable DCRM with access to resources in 80 countries. And, of course, the opportunity to serve … being able to serve more, to serve with more, and to serve the same mission more powerfully is all very exciting.

Thank you to the incredible CyberMDX team. I’m so proud and honored to be leading us in this new chapter with our new family @Forescout!